A little bit about what we do.

The Hive's aim is to purchase Winsford's last standing entertainment venue into community ownership to save the building from redevelopment.

The Hive was established in 2011 to further the festivals that had began in de bees, first step out was On The Fringe on The Marina Island which is now into its 10th year, then came The OffCut and Salt Town’s Rally that was launched last year. The not for profit community business has been looking for a base to run a full time venue for several years since developing and trialling an innovative new model where students on work experience participate fully in every aspect of staging events or running projects under mentorship from locally rooted experts. The trial was carried out at The Academy over a few months we helped a group of over 100 students to create, design and stage an event they called The Big Bang in the Lifestyle Centre.

The Hive has established partnerships including with our local college Warrington and Vale Royal based close to de bees in Winsford a spokesperson for which commented:

Currently our students work with a number of different employers for work placements which is part of their college course.

We feel that The Hive would be a great location for our students to work on external employer projects, as well as local events. Students from different courses across the college would be able to get involved in these projects and help to develop ideas, as well as having mentors who work within The Hive.

The Hive is registered with the FCA as a Community Benefit Society with charitable objects and status so it can access funding through grants and social investment loans but also and most importantly through issuing community shares. We have til the end of June to raise £180K, with match funding we need only £90K through the crowd for The Hive to save the venue and look forwards!


If The Hive reaches it's targets and buys de bees it will develop a varied programme of events and activities for the whole community to enjoy these will include:


As with de bees in the past The Hive will stage regular live entertainment, from bands, acts, DJ sets and karaoke to interactive events and esports tournaments .



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