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In the spirit of co-operation the more you give the more you get.


Allow us to stay in touch and you get 20% off all tickets.


Pay £5.00 per month get 50% off ALL tickets.


Silver membership is free of charge! 


30 day trial with Gold membership

  • Silver (Free!)

    20% off all tickets to Hive events through the website
    Free Plan
    • 20% off all tickets listed
    • Advance notification of upcoming events
    • Access to exclusive promotions
  • Best Value


    Every month
    ½ price admission to all events!
    • 50% off all tickets listed!
    • All Previous Tiers!
  • U18's Hive Membership

    FREE Membership for U18 year olds
    Free Plan
    • Discounted Tickets
    • Free Hot dogs at events
    • Chance to get involved in making things happen!
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