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The Hive Live Ltd is a charitable Community Benefit Society and operates as a members led co-operative; one member, one vote; democratically run. The Hive has charitable objects including the development of young people, tackling social isolation and furthering community cohesion. 

The Hive was established in 2011 to further the festivals that had began in de bees.  First step out was On The Fringe on Winsford's marina island which is now into its 10th year.  Then came the Off Cut, and Salt Town’s Rally that was launched last year. The not-for-profit community business has been looking for a base to run a full time venue for several years since developing and trialling an innovative new model where students undergoing work-experience participate fully in every aspect of staging events or running projects under mentorship from locally rooted experts. The trial was carried out at The Winsford Academy.  Over a few months we helped a group of over 100 students to create, design and stage an event they called The Big Bang, held in the Winsford Lifestyle Centre.

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